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Creating an Enabling Environment for Returnee Entrepreneurs

Jul 27, 2017,FICCI, New Delhi




The idea that migration of skilled individuals from developing to developed countries leads to a ‘brain drain’ has come to be replaced by the concepts of ‘brain circulation’ and ‘brain gain’ - which occurs when talented people return with newly absorbed technologies, networks, technical expertise, managerial skills and the like. Perhaps owing to these risk taking abilities illustrated by their decision to move in the first place, migrants often return to their country of origin to start their own businesses. The entrepreneurial process on their return is accompanied by several challenges which tend to be unique and different from those faced by local entrepreneurs, even though there are overlaps.

The consultation is an initiative of the International Migration and Diaspora Division to bring together relevant stakeholders to discuss findings of the research project being undertaken by FICCI in partnership with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) on return migration of entrepreneurs to India in light of the Chinese experience. It will serve as a platform for discussing and throwing light on issues faced by returnee entrepreneurs, and deliberating on solutions, including the possibility of putting in place an institutional mechanism for providing support to the Indian diaspora wishing to return and start enterprises back home.

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