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A New Mind for New World: With Mindfulness

Jul 9, 2021,Virtual Platform




Current times are challenging as situations are evolving, both socially and economically. While most of us continue working from home as disruptions continue, it is simultaneously essential for us to support our workforces become more emotionally resilient and deal with issues like stress, anxiety fear and work from home burnout.

Thus, to extend our support to our industry partners in these crucial times, we are launching our 90 minutes virtual session on A New Mind for New World: With Mindfulness on July 9, 2021. The program has been designed around neurological mechanisms of developing longer lasting tools of resilience and wellbeing. It aims to discuss and explore ways by which transformational shift can be brought in the way participants think, deal with and act upon, when facing both minor stressors and major adversities. This life skill building session will enable participants to deal with the current and upcoming challenges with resilience and strength.

Session Objectives

  1. Experience greater sense of control when facing challenges.
  2. Incorporate research-based practical tools for everyday stressors.
  3. Strengthen personal effectiveness & wellness, thereby enhancing work efficacy.
  4. Accelerate ability to discover new opportunities during crisis.


Registration Fee- INR 2500 plus 18% GST per participant.





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