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At FICCI, we take pride in our vibrant community that thrives on diversity and inclusivity. Our commitment to transparency extends to sharing key demographic data that illuminates the rich tapestry of our workforce. Understanding the importance of diversity, we present a snapshot of our employee demographics, providing valuable insights into the makeup of our dedicated team.

Gender Ratio

Gender Ration

Our organization embraces equality, with a balanced gender ratio that reflects our commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone.

Years of Service in FICCI

Years of Service in FICCI

Dedication is a cornerstone of our success, and we celebrate the collective experience of our team. From seasoned professionals to fresh talents, our workforce spans a spectrum of years of service, creating a dynamic blend of expertise and fresh perspectives.

Age Group


At FICCI, age is not a barrier but a source of strength. Our workforce represents a diverse range of age groups, fostering a culture where experience meets innovation, and every individual contributes uniquely to our shared success.

Education Background

Education Background

We believe in the power of knowledge, and our team embodies a rich array of educational backgrounds. From various academic disciplines, our employees bring a wealth of expertise, contributing to the multidimensional character of our organization.

Join us as we continue to build a community where differences are celebrated, experiences are valued, and collaboration knows no bounds. Together, we shape a future that is as diverse and dynamic as the individuals who make up FICCI.

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