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Communication, Coordination and Collaboration among enforcement agencies needed to address illicit trade

Nov 22, 2018

FICCI-CASCADE organises training program for Delhi police



NEW DELHI, 22 November 2018: FICCI CASCADE (Committee Against Smuggling and Counterfeiting Activities Destroying the Economy) as a part of its capacity building program to sensitize and train the police officials, organised a training program for Delhi police officials at the Academy for Smart Policing, New Delhi.


The training was inaugurated by Mr K Jagadeesan, Jt. Commissioner of Police-Training, Delhi Police. Mr. Jagadeesan emphasized that India, as a rising economic superpower need to take offences related to counterfeiting and smuggling very seriously and police has a significant role in fighting this menace. Although counterfeiting was looked at as a victimless crime, it had many far-reaching consequences and it was extremely important for the police officer to understand the consequences before taking actions on ground. Only then will an officer investigating a case related to smuggling and counterfeiting be able to understand and take suitable actions. 


Mr Deepchand, Advisor FICCI CASCADE stated that FICCI CASCADE reports estimate that in India the total loss to the government on account of illicit markets in just seven manufacturing sectors is Rs 39,239 crores. The estimated loss to the industry is Rs 1,05,381 crores, an increase of 44.4% in two years. He further added that this loss is just the tip of the iceberg. The grey market economy is fueling illegitimate industry and leading to increased criminalization of the society in the form of organized crime including terrorism. Global studies have indicated that criminal syndicates all over have taken to counterfeiting and smuggling to fund their nefarious activities. This not only makes our society unsafe but also adds to the enforcement costs.


This workshop was extremely helpful in sensitizing the police officers about the relevant laws and procedures to be followed while dealing with the cases related to smuggling and counterfeiting. FICCI-CASCADE proposes to hold such workshops in various parts of the nation to spread awareness against the menace by addressing procedural and enforcement issues. 


Among the speakers who discussed the wide-ranging concerns on the issue of counterfeiting, piracy and smuggling with the participating police officials were: Dr. Kshitij Kumar Singh, Assistant Professor, Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi, Mr. Udaykiran Devineni, ICE Representative, Department of Homeland Security-Homeland Security Investigations, US Embassy, Ms. Priya Rao, Partner K&S Partners, Intellectual Property Attorneys, Mr. Madhuresh Singh, Head-Legal, Puma and Mr. Anubhav Jain, South Asia ACF Investigations Manager, Global Anti-Counterfeit Program, APJ Region Global Brand Security Group, HP. All speakers unanimously agreed on the fact that the existence and operation of smuggling and counterfeiting is not only broad in scope and large in value but is impacting the global economy, causing losses to both industry & government, and most importantly affecting the health and safety of the consumers adversely. Hence, there is a need to create communication, coordination and close cooperation amongst various government agencies, law enforcement officials and private sector to curb the growing menace of illicit trade.


The capacity building program was aimed to sensitize police officers to emphasize on the importance of continued awareness and seriousness of the impact of counterfeit and smuggled goods. Such illicit trading practices not only causes huge losses to the government and industry but is also causing significant economic and health & safety consequences for the society at large.


FICCI CASCADE has been successful in stirring an active debate on the topic of curbing counterfeiting and smuggling nationally through various awareness programmes. Among other activities, FICCI CASCADE has been organizing capacity building programs for police officers in various states, equipping them to understand and take requisite actions against counterfeiters and smugglers.