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Local semiconductor ecosystem to make Indian manufacturing competitive: Professor Yee Shi Chang, National Tsing Hua University of Taiwan

Aug 01, 2019


NEW DELHI, 1 August 2019Professor Yee Shi Chang, National Tsing Hua University of Taiwan today said that creation of domestic semiconductor design ecosystem will make India a competitive manufacturing nation while creating jobs.


Delivering a talk on 'Building Manufacturing Capability for Competing Globally - Lessons from Taiwan', organized by FICCI, Prof Chang said that the initiative will help in job creation and will build the local talent, nurture academic institutions as well as startups.


"India should be focusing on the creation of a homegrown semiconductor design eco-system supported by the government, industry and other relevant stakeholders from the sector. India has the required demographics supported by a maturing venture capital ecosystem. However, this needs to be supported by favourable policies from the government," Prof Chang said.


Prof Chang has a PhD in Material Science from the Cambridge University and went back to Taiwan as Professor at the National Tsing Hua University. He is a pioneering innovator who was engaged in policy for making Taiwan internationally competitive in hi-tech manufacturing in 1980s.


"India has an added advantage of its domestic market and production at any level from homegrown industries would create millions of job if it can tap into design, AR and VR. Some additional impetus for the third-generation semiconductor would make India a globally competitive manufacturing nation," he added.


Prof Chang began as a research scientist, then moved to be a telecom technologist, leading work globally, first in satellite and later in mobile communications, filing manypatents. Later, helped Motorola's IP Assets division in the US, commercializing over 5,000 patents. He then became a serial tech entrepreneur back in Taiwan.


In 1991, Prof Chang became a member of the Legislative Yuan (Parliament) of Taiwan and served for two terms and then has remained active as senior KMT Party Advisor. Prof Chang was deeply involved with the policy for making Taiwan internationally competitive in hi-tech manufacturing in the 1980s.

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