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UP Govt committed to organising Grand & Divine Kumbh: Swatantra Dev Singh

Jan 15, 2020

State Govt duty bound to provide all facilities to devotees & tourists visiting Kumbh


Jammu: Kumbh aptly represents glorious traditions of India. The people will get an opportunity to get connected with their celebrated past through Kumbh starting at Prayagraj from January 15, 2019. This was stated by Swatantra Dev Singh Minister of State, Independent Charge Transport, Protocol & Energy (MOS) in a press conference in Jammu on Sunday. Addressing Media persons in Jammu, he said that Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, UNESCO, keeping the importance of Kumbh in view, has included it in the list of "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity". The state government earmarked an amount of Rs. 2800 crore for Kumbh Mela-2019 along with the various projects of stable development. Besides, works of stable development are being carried out at Kumbh Mela and Prayagraj with a total amount of Rs. 4300 crore from other budget. All these works will be very facilitating for the devotees visiting the Kumbh. For convenience of tourists and devotees visiting the Kumbh, the state government has made available the facility of modern and smooth traffic movement to Prayagraj by constructing 09 flyovers in only last one and a half years. The Bridge Corporation has created a record by constructing in a short period of 14 months a 4-lane wide and 1325 metre long flyover on a single pillar in front of Hon High Court in Prayagraj city area. Similarly, another record has been created by completing only in a year time, a 1.0 km long ROB at a height of 16.00 metre at Rambag. In the densely populated areas of the city, 6 railway under passes have been widened to 4-lane within a year, which have smoothened city traffic movement for the citizens of Prayagraj. With a view to organising Kumbh properly, the state government for the first time, has widened and strengthened on a wide scale over 64 traffic crossings and 264 roads connecting the mela area during the last one and a half years. Besides, the availability of latest medical equipment has been augmented in 4 the hospitals of Prayagraj city, besides setting up new plants by enhancing medical facilities. To maintain high quality and transparency in the construction works of stable nature for this grand event, the state government made elaborate and unprecedented arrangements and kept a close watch over quality and time adherence of all the important works through a third party. Arrangements were made to ensure online monitoring of the progress of all the projects, so that all the new works of stable nature could be completed within the parameters of stipulated time limit and quality. Commencing from January 15, 2019, the Kumbh will be the most novel event till date. The whole world is participating in the event. Ambassadors of about 71 countries have witnessed the preparations for this grand event. They have unfurled the national flag of their countries on the bank of Triveni in Kumbh Mela area. The efforts made by the state government resulted in setting up of a new city in the huge Mela area, which has 250 km long roads and 22 pontoon bridges. It will be the largest temporary city of the world. Keeping in view arrival of devotees in a large number, availability of electricity has been made more effective by streamlining energy infrastructure in Prayagraj. For the first time, the Mela area is being brightened up by installing over 40,000 LED lights there. To ensure participation of the people from every part of the country in this event, the state government is making efforts to bring the people from every state in the Kumbh. Representation of all the cultural disciplines of the country will be there to see. Programmes based on ancient cultural heritage will be organised, in addition to cultural programmes, food, festival etc. A new India is going to throb in Prayagraj. The Government of India has made an historic increase in number of flights by getting constructed a new air civil terminal in Prayagraj. Prayagraj has been connected through air route to the country's several main cities. A heliport is also being set up here and arrangements are being made to provide the facility of helicopter joy ride to tourists. The state government has developed modern and easily available facilities as per convenience of visitors and tourist visiting the Kumbh. The facilities include housing, meal, tours, holy bath etc. To provide facilities of high quality to tourists, a premium tent city is being developed in the Kumbh Mela area. To ensure representation of every cultural discipline of the country in Kumbh arrangements are being made for 30 thematic gates, over 200 cultural programmes of high quality, laser show on cultural topics, food court, vending zone, exhibitions and tourist walk. Facade lighting is also being done at prominent places. To showcase Indian culture, 'Kala Gram' and 'Sanskriti Gram' are being set up. For the first time, the Kumbh Mela Area has been brought under the surveillance of Integrated Control and Command Centre and CCTV Cameras. Integrated Control and Command Centre of the smart city project has been dedicated to Prayagraj.


The state government is laying special emphasis on cleanliness during the Prayagraj Kumbh-2019. Due to lesser number of toilets in the previous Kumbh, the people were forced for going to open defecation. This time, 1,22,000 toilets have been constructed and sanitary staff more than double in number as compare to the previous Kumbh have been deployed in Prayagraj Kumbh-2019. The message of cleanliness from Prayagraj will go to every nook and corner of the country. Only 34000 toilets were constructed during the previous Kumbh. For the first time 20,000 dustbins have been placed in the Mela area, besides deploying 140 tippers and 40 compactors for ensuring solid waste management. For the first time in Kumbh Mela arrangements are being made two set up Ganga Pandal with a capacity of 10,000 persons', Pravachan Pandal with a capacity of 1,000 and 04 cultural pavilions, where cultural programmes will be staged continuously. Besides arrangements of Yatri Nivas are being made for the first time for stay of 20,000 common devotees.