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Embracing newer technologies, forming strategic partnerships, and change in mindset are key to managing soil health responsibly: Dr Trilochan Mohapatra, Chairperson PPVFRA, Ex-DG, ICAR, GoI

Dec 07, 2023

NEW DELHI, 07 December 2023: Addressing the FICCI program on Soil health Management to commemorate World Soil Day 2023 Dr Trilochan Mohapatra, Chairperson PPVFRA, Ex-DG, ICAR, Government of India stated that cultivating a thriving future begins with understanding that soil health is the heartbeat of our existence. “As we celebrate World Soil Day 2023, under the theme 'Soil and Water: A Source of Life,' let's echo the message that soil health means crop health, leading to better outcomes for both animal and human well-being,” he added.

Commending FICCI for successfully organizing the second edition of the program, he underscored that embracing newer technologies, forming strategic partnerships, and fostering a mindset shift are key to managing soil health responsibly. Drawing a parallel, he emphasized, "Just as soil and water are the source of life, our collective efforts are the seeds that ensure a sustainable and fruitful legacy for generations to come."

Dr A Velmurugan, ADG (Soil & Water Management), ICAR emphasized that Indian agriculture should be an integral part of carbon credits to ensure sustainable production.

Dr Monoranjan Mohanty, Adviser, Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India advocated for increased investment in soil for a flourishing return on investment. He illustrated that climate change may be a storm on the horizon, but soil health management is our steadfast anchor. Nurturing the soil not only mitigates the impacts of climate change but also cultivates resilience for a sustainable future, he noted.

Ms Anuja Kadian, Chair - FICCI Taskforce on Sustainable Agriculture & Government & Industry Affairs Director, Asia Pacific, Corteva Agriscience highlighted that sustainable soil health is paramount for food security and to mitigate impact of climate change. She stressed the need to bring together isolated islands of soil data and integrate nutrient management and pest management as cornerstones of good agriculture practices. 

Mr Hemendra Mathur, Chairman, FICCI Task Force on Agri Start-ups, FICCI emphasized that soil health is crucial for sustainably feeding humanity. He highlighted the importance of driving innovations, policies, and partnerships to build a robust ecosystem that enhances soil health. 

Dr Ajeet Singh Nain, Professor & Director Research, Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture & Technology expressed that soil and climate, once in harmonious balance for millions of years, are now disrupted by human greed. Climate change, fueled by our actions, is unleashing its wrath on one of Earth's most precious resources, soil.

Dr Naved Sabir, Principal Scientist, Centre for Protected Cultivation Technology, ICAR-Indian Agricultural Research Institute stressed that good agricultural practices and 3R systems are critical to most soil issues.

The program also saw the felicitation of winners of the One-Minute Video Competition, ‘Celebrating Soil: Our Agricultural Lifeline,’ showcasing the creativity of higher education students.


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