Confronting the new-age cyber-criminal

May 2018 | Defence & Homeland Security
The advent of Digital India and Smart City initiatives has brought about a paradigm shift in terms of connectivity, services and threats for both urban and rural eco-systems. While greater connectivity promises wider deliverables, it also paves the way for the emergence of new vulnerabilities. Leading companies in energy, telecommunications, finance, transportation and other sectors are targeted by new-age cyber criminals. As per CERT-IN, one cybercrime was reported every 10 minutes in India during 2017. This statistic is quite alarming and therefore, merits a focused and collective attention of security enforcement agencies.

The ‘Make in India’ initiative has identified 25 core sectors as part of its effort to give a special thrust. While cyber security is not one of the sectors, it could be embedded in certain sectors like - defence manufacturing, electronic systems, and IT & BPM. It is crucial for ‘Make-in-India’ to focus on Cyber security as well as promote development of indigenous solutions to combat cyber-crime.

In today’s times, traditional methods of cyber-security are inadequate to combat cyber-crime. Hence, there is a requirement to devise mechanisms which are proactive in nature and help in identifying and preventing cybercrimes.

This report delves into the strategies to confront new-age cyber-criminals with effective strategy for cyber-crime management.

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