FICCI PwC Knowledge Report: Propelling India’s millet sector towards a sustainable future

August 2023 | Agriculture

Key Highlights of the report:

As part of the International Year of Millets (IYoM) 2023 celebrating these environment-friendly and highly nutritious crops, this knowledge paper also highlights the role of millets in ushering in economic prosperity along with proposed ways to achieve these goals. The report comprises three sections: knowing our nutri cereals, current perceptions about millets and mainstreaming millets.

To mainstream millets and bringing the “Shree Anna” to every plate, the report proposes a four-pronged strategy, in addition to celebrating a ‘Decade of Millets’:

Actions points:

1. Production enhancement interventions entail crop and varietal improvements, concerted efforts on value-added product development, innovations in production and processing technologies, and holistic policy support for millet promotion.
2. The awareness creation facet in the proposed strategy highlights the importance of mainstreaming millets and prioritising the interests of cultivators, consumers, and investors alike.
3. Innovations for increasing the area under millet cultivation along with dedicated product development endeavours would be helpful in increasing consumption.
4. Demand generation through public-private partnership models and global initiatives would be helpful in the long run to sustain the fervour

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