July 2023 | Resource Conservation & Management

About the Report - Cluster Profile of Karnal Rice Mill Cluster

Karnal is located north of Delhi in the state of Haryana. Rice milling is one of the major industries in Karnal as well as in rest of Haryana. Karnal is called the rice bowl of India and is famous for the production of the long-grain, aromatic basmati rice.

The cluster has about 178 rice mills in operation. Most of the rice mills are located in the periphery of Karnal city. Apart from the Karnal city, the major concentration of mills are in Taraori Assandh, Nissing, Jundla, Indri, Gharounda and Nilokhadi.

The annual energy consumption of the cluster is estimated to be about 268,920 toe. The estimated 'greenhouse gas' (GHG) emissions from rice mills at the cluster level is 256, 660 tonne of CO2 per annum. The overall energy bill of cluster is estimated to be balance 15% is sold. However, some mills, using old boilers, procure additional husk from localmarket.

The report covers the potential of deployment of Standard Energy Efficient Technologies (SEET) in the rice mill cluster, their demand aggregation, funding and challenges.

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