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AMMO India 2024
Aug 08, 2024 FICCI, New Delhi

Due to increasing geopolitical and domestic uncertainties, high costs, and challenges in demand and supply issues related to ammunition, India needs to maintain strong indigenous manufacturing of ammunition to meet the growing need to cater to India’s external and internal security requirements. The Ministry of Defence (MOD), Government of India, has been able to introduce proactive and pathbreaking reforms over the last few years in the way ahead by announcing the Indigenisation lists, which include ammunition items to push Atmanirbharta in Defence. It is also critical to invest in R&D to innovate in standard ammunition, smart munitions, and futuristic ammunition that will remain relevant in future conflicts and security interests for India.

The global ammunition market size was estimated at USD 68.57 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach USD 75.27 billion in 2024. Today, India is increasingly becoming a preferred ammunition supplier to the world, and yet India’s share in the overall ammunition market remains well below 2%. The plan is to scale it to 5-10% in the next five years and contribute up to 30% of the global arms market in the future. Hence, achieving complete self-reliance in Ammunition manufacturing through advanced technology will be a major goal towards Atmanirbhar Bharat. The Indian Armed forces have already set plans in motion to avoid imports of all kinds of ammunition by 2025 – thereby advancing the vision of ‘Raksha Aatmanirbharta’.

In 2018, FICCI hosted the first-ever international conference on ammunition called "AMMO India 2018". The conference aimed to shed light on the needs of the Indian Armed Forces, opportunities for the industry, and the potential for foreign collaboration to bring in vital technologies. The event received immense praise and proved to be incredibly beneficial for both the industry and end users. Fast forward to 2022, FICCI's successful delivery of the second edition of AMMO India in July 2022, which received accolades from both end users and the Defence Industry. Looking ahead, FICCI is thrilled to announce the 3rd edition of our flagship Conference - "AMMO India 2024" - to be held on August 08, 2024, at FICCI, Federation House, New Delhi.


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