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City Gas Distribution Summit 2024
Aug 06, 2024 FICCI, New Delhi

The City Gas Distribution (CGD) market in India is witnessing unprecedented growth, driven by robust governmental support, an increasing preference for cleaner energy sources, and significant investments in infrastructure. The government's ambitious target to expand the CGD network to cover 70% of the population with access to cleaner cooking fuel (PNG) and transportation fuel (CNG). This ambitious target is backed by an estimated investment of Rs 120,000 crore over the next decade.

This expansion is complemented by a favorable gas allocation policy and increased commissioning of urea plants in the fertilizer sector, which together have propelled the demand for natural gas. While the demand from refineries remains robust, growth in the power sector's gas consumption has been slower. Despite the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) in public transport, opportunities for compressed natural gas (CNG) in private transport and liquefied natural gas (LNG) in heavy commercial vehicles remain abundant.

However, the sector's future looks promising with the government's plan to invest approximately Rs 3 trillion in gas infrastructure, which includes the development of pipelines, LNG terminals, and CGD networks over the next five years. This investment will facilitate the establishment of over 17,000 CNG stations, approximately 15,000 km of natural gas pipelines, and 1,000 LNG stations. Phase-wise mandatory blending of compressed biogas in the CGD network is a crucial step towards achieving net zero emissions and reducing import dependence.

The CGD industry has been at the forefront of adopting cutting-edge technologies to ensure sustainable and efficient gas operations. The integration of IT-OT convergence solutions enables real-time monitoring of critical assets, improving operational efficiency and customer service standards. Technologies such as drones, virtual twins, predictive analytics, and AI/ML are being utilized for predictive maintenance, logistics management, and asset monitoring. Additionally, network optimization through SCADA and GIS integration has revolutionized remote monitoring and process control. The transition to automated meter reading systems and smart meters is enhancing billing accuracy and leak detection capabilities.

Key trends also include the adoption of smart techniques for pipeline leak detection, such as acoustic and robotic methods, and innovations in cascade systems & smart dispensers. Despite these advancements, the industry continues to address challenges related to remote data collection, data integration, and cybersecurity.

Key Objectives of the Summit

• Facilitate dialogue among policymakers, investors, technology providers, and distributors to align strategies and foster partnerships crucial for the CGD sector's growth.

• Discuss strategies and initiatives to expedite the expansion of CGD infrastructure, ensuring increased accessibility to cleaner cooking (PNG) and transportation fuels (CNG) nationwide.

• Explore the impact of favorable gas allocation policies and the commissioning of urea plants on natural gas demand, identifying investment opportunities in infrastructure development.

• Highlight the benefits and challenges of integrating biogas into the CGD network, emphasizing its role in achieving emission reduction goals and enhancing energy security.

• Showcase cutting-edge technologies like IT-OT convergence, predictive analytics, AI/ML applications, and smart metering systems. Discuss their implementation to optimize operations, improve service reliability, and meet consumer expectations.

• Share best practices and case studies on how technological innovations are enhancing operational efficiency and raising customer service standards within the CGD sector.

• Emphasize the importance of collaborative efforts among stakeholders to drive sustainable growth, innovation, and resilience in India's CGD industry.

The summit aims to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among gas distributors, policymakers, investors, and technology providers, ensuring a sustainable and resilient future for India's CGD sector.

Target Audience

• City Gas Distributors
• Engineering and Design Firms
• Consulting Firms and Legal Firms
• Policymakers and Regulators
• Leak Detection Solution Providers
• Industrial Consumers
• Natural Gas Producers
• Meter Manufacturers
• Financial Institutions
• Pipeline Operators
• Gas Marketers/Suppliers
• Infrastructure Builders
• State Development Agencies
• Pipeline Manufacturers & Material Technology Providers
• Technology Providers

Benefits of Participation:

• Strategic Insights: Gain valuable market trends and insights for informed decision-making.

• Networking Opportunities: Connect with key stakeholders to foster collaborations and partnerships.

• Innovation Showcase: Demonstrate cutting-edge technologies and solutions to potential clients.

• Policy Influence: Participate in giving inputs for shaping regulatory frameworks and industry standards.

Delegate Fees:

FICCI Members - INR 7500 per delegate+ GST
FICCI Non Members - INR 10,000 per delegate + GST

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